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Stephan Austin
Yorkshire Condensation surveyor Stephan Austin.

My survey is free and without obligation. The aim of the survey is to understand:

  • What the damp / condensation problems you have in your home.
  • What are the factors causing it.
  • What measures need to be taken to stop it - and prevent it from happening again in the future.

The survey typically takes 45 minutes to an hour and I would like to see all part of your home, including the loft - if you have one. Obviously I am particularly interested in seeing the problem areas and understanding how the house is lived in, and what changes have been made to your home - which may have made matters better, or worse.

We'll provide you with a full report of our findings and recommendations to resolve your problem. It may be that I identify areas that we cannot help you with - a leaking chimney for example. We'll make it clear in our report if there are defects that we have noted that need advice from anorther specialist.

Why Yorkshire Condensation Control ?

  • Our survey and report is consistently highly rated
  • All our products are manufactured in the UK
  • Money back guarantees
  • We offer very competitive pricing and 0% interest credit
  • We do not outsource to different sub-contractors
  • We are not a franchise, and so are free to select the best systems for your home


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