• Condensation on windows ?
  • Damp condensation on bedroom walls ?
  • Stale, fusty smells in wardrobes ?
  • Persistent mould problems ?
  • Loft condensation ?

Your home may have an air quality problem. There might be a number of causes of condensation and mould in your home.

We have the answers

With a range of solutions that help air move around your home and stop condensation, damp and mould.

Don’t know where to start? Our Damp home diagnoser will help you understand the source of the problem and avoid unnecessary repairs.

Home survey

Our highly rated survey and report is free. We'll show you why you have a problem and what we can do to fix it.

Systems that work

Whether it’s a single system or a package of measures that work together, we’ll suggest a cost-effective solution to your condensation damp problem.

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Damp and condensation survey
Understand the reasons for your damp and condensation
Humidity tracking extract fans
Highly effective 'wet' room ventilation. With trickle, humidity tracking, and boost functions.
Anti-condensation loft vents
Fresh air into the loft. Solves condensation. Dries damp roof timbers.
Retro fit trickle vents
Additional ventilation in problem rooms.
Door trimming
Improve air flow in problem rooms with deep carpets.
Whole house Positive Input Ventilation
Highly effective background ventilation. Seven year warranty.

Condensation on windows is a sure sign that your home does not have enough ventilation. Prolonged damp and condensation allows black mould (mold) to grow and this usually starts in bedrooms, meaning that your family are exposed to mould spores – a known health risk.

We offer a tailor made solution for your home. Looking at one aspect of your home in isolation can lead to an incorrect diagnosis but by taking a "whole house" approach we can recommend measures that are right for you.

Damp Home Diagnoser
three minute mould test Take a three minute test with our damp diagnoser to understand why your home has damp walls and mould.
The problem with bungalows
mould in bungalows Bungalows are often prone to condensation and mould. Why ? What are the solutions
Video guides
three minute mould test Video guides on dehumidifiers, positive input ventilation, roof ventilation and more.
Damp & condensation survey
changes to your home that make mold worse Our survey will establish the cause of your home's condensation problem and our report will show you how we can resolve it.
Changes that can cause mould and condensation
changes to your home that make mold worse Many changes in our homes can make air quality worse. Here's our top ten.
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