How we solve condensation and damp

How do we solve your condensation problems ? No two homes are the same. The size of your home, the type of construction, its age, the way it's used, the number and age of occupants, the changes that have been made to it over the years - all have an effect on condensation and mould. Finding a long term solution starts with a survey and the right diagnosis.

Step 1. Survey

Our survey is free. We'll need to see your property and we'd like to talk to the occupants.

We want to consider all the factors that can be causing the problem, things like:

  • The house construction - the roofs, walls, windows, doors, carpets, floors etc.
  • Any defects that may be having an effect.
  • The history of the problem.
  • Current ventilation systems - fans and vents, and whether they are working effectively
  • The way the house is being living in - the number and age of occupants.
  • And anything else that may be contributing to the problem.
Step 2. Report

Our jargon-free comprehensive report will detail the reasons why your home suffers from damp and condensation.

We'll give you our recommendations to resolve the problem and a breakdown of the costs.

We can talk through the report with you so you fully understand why your home has the problem and how our recommendations will help to solve the problem,

Step 3. Install

Installation is done in a day at a time to suit you, or your tenants. We'll explain how the systems work and what you need to do to get the most benefit.

Our goal is to make a number of small changes that add up to a big difference. You'll start to feel the benefit immediately.

Step 4. Resolve

With improved ventilation, mould will die back and mould spores in the air start to reduce immediately. Some customers with respiratory problems have told us they start to notice a difference straight away.

All equipment is covered by a five year on-site warranty, and help and advice is a phone call away.

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