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The Damp Home Diagnoser is a free to use product.

Condensation on windows ?

Want to understand the reasons for condensation and mould (mold) in your home ?

Use our damp home diagnoser to help you get to the source of the problem.

"We can't understand it, we never had mould in our last house"
"I've had three roofers out and they all say there are no leaks"
"We've had new windows and the problem is worse than before ..."
"If you can't solve this problem we'll have to move house"
"We had the wall re-pointed but its made no difference"

These are all comments we've had from customers over the years, and we're not surprised. It can be difficult to know what's causing damp and condensation problems in your home. All too often home-owners and landlords spend money on the wrong repair.

Penetrating damp ? condensation ? rising damp ? There is no substitute for a comprehensive survey by an experienced professional - but our damp home diagnoser will steer you in the right direction and give you some suggestions for what we think the problem is, and what it isn't.

Try to give accurate answers to the following questions. Once you've submitted your answers you can always come back to this page and make changes.

About your home ...

About the problem...

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Too much humidity and not enough ventilation
= damp, condensation & mould

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