Case study: A flat with poor air quality in Leeds

The problem

This flat is occupied by two people who were aware that the air quality was very poor. When the shower was used condensation remained on windows for a considerable time and the flat felt hot and humid.

Our assessment

The survey of this flat revealed an immediate problem. There was no air extract system in the bathroom - just a single vent that relied on natural airflow. The obvious starting point would be to recommend a humidity controlled extraction fan. Unfortunately the internal wall panels did not appear to be constructed from plasterboard. Instead we suspected asbestos board had been used and therefore reshaping the air extract vent to accommodate a fan was out of the question.

The windows were modern and draught proof and as is so often the case, the accommodation was almost air tight with no thought being given to ventilation.

Our solution

In this case we felt the best course of action was to fit trickle vents to four windows. The flat was on the corner of the building and on the second floor. We felt that fitting the vents to opposite sides of the flat would give a reasonable level of air movement.

trickle vent feedback

See our page on solutions for condensation problems for further information.

a flat in Leeds
restricting ventilation encourages mould
Modern draught proof windows are good quality and energy efficient. 
But no thought is given to the health of the occupants.
possible asbestos board
.Asbestos board ? 
If in doubt best left alone.
window trickle vent
Normally fitted at the top of the window, because of the elevated position of the flat this trickle vent will be very effective.
Request a survey & report
Covid 19 ventilation guidance

UK government advises:

"Good ventilation can help reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus"
"Where possible consider ways to maintain and increase the supply of fresh air"

Too much humidity and not enough ventilation
= damp, condensation & mould

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