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Why do so many homes have condensation, damp, mould and air quality problems ? For the most part the answer lies in the way houses have been modified since they were built. A range of small and usually well intentioned changes by different trades can have a big effect on the air quality in your home.

For example:

  • Draft-proof double glazed doors and windows fitted without trickle vents.
  • Poorly installed loft and cavity insulation.
  • Roofs being re-covered without adequate loft ventilation, or over reliance on "breathable" roof underlay.
  • Replacement roof soffits covering ventilation grilles.
  • New carpets that are tight to the bottom of doors.
  • Wood burning stoves that seal chimneys.
  • Poor quality or badly fitted extract fans.
  • Tumble driers (including condensing ones) that do not vent externally.
  • Too much draught-proofing !
  • Capped chimneys leaving an unvented void.
  • Deliberately sealing under-floor vents.
  • Cooker hood extract fans that are recirculating rather and air extracting.

... and so on.

Our approach is to make a series of subtle changes to your home that work together to:

  • Encourage air movement.
  • Remove stale, humid air.
  • Provide controlled sources of fresh air.

covered wall vent
This vent created draughts so the tenants covered it over

Humans have not evolved to live in sealed homes. It's no wonder so many of us suffer from allergies or respiratory problems.

We know from experience that occupants will switch off or cover up anything that is too intrusive or annoying.

Our aim is to create a background movement of air in a home in a way that isn't noticeable to occupants. For example we never install 'standard' air vents. They tend to be very draughty in windy weather and are often covered over by tenants - so removing any benefit.

Our approach is to recommend a mix of systems that work together. This could include things as simple as trickle vents in windows or more effective extraction of stale air, fresh air input systems, or even more subtle measures such as trimming the bottom off a door that's tight to a carpet.

Getting a background movement of air combined with effective extraction of humid air and allowing a controlled flow of fresh air is the key to improving your home's living environment.

For more information see our case studies and gallery for examples of our approach.

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